Hello world, again

Blogging is always something I cherish, something I always want to keep doing, however also something I never could keep doing on a regular basis. I registered the domain mudkip.me many years ago. As time goes by, I toggled between various blogging platforms and the most recent one is Tumblr.

I chose Tumblr because it’s convenient, fun and modern in 2011. Tumblr respects the ownership and personality of its users. It does social just right. However Tumblr is no longer great for me as a blog platform today. I have to use ‘display:none’ CSS to hide the banner to promote Tumblr app. I can’t get rid of a lot of tracking scripts. And I want more freedom with the domain I own.

This blog is now powered by Hexo, a powerful static blog framework. It’s hosted on GitHub and updated with Git. I set up a webhook to automatically deploy to GitHub Pages when I push my hexo repository. I’m also building an iOS blog workflow with Ulysses, Working Copy and Workflow. And as always, I love writing and I wish I could write more.

My previous posts is still available at Tumblr. They might be migrated here someday. :)