You’ve always been kind of a brat, Fennekin. But I’m jealous of the way you’re chasing your dreams. –Lombre

Try not to eat too much. Take care. –Raticate

Ven you are feeling lonely, remember ze village. –Hippopotas

A child’s dream can’t be destroyed by adults. Best of luck to you. –Simipour

Let’s see, how can I put this? Even if you were problem children. If you work hard, maybe you won’t be so problematic. And on that note, good luck! –Watchog

Good luck. Feennekin and Swam, I believe in you! –Audino

I was quite surprised when I heard the news yesterday… I’m glad you opened up to me! Good luck! –Farfetch’d

Good luck! Follow your dreams! –Sunkern

School is important, but it’s important to go after what you want in life, too! Take good care of yourselves… and good luck! –Roselia

We have a shop in Lively Town, too. So you have nothing to worry about! Good luck! –Kecleon

Time to let these cute kids fly away on their journey! Hy-krah! –Hawlucha 

Be brave and never give up! Take care! And good luck! –Kangaskhan

Go on, Fennekin. See you when you get back. Your adventurous spirit can’t be contained. If you think you’re ready, go see your dreams through to the end. –Carracosta

Good luck to you, Swam. We just happened to meet, and you came to live with me… I reckon it sure enough was fun havin’ you around, Swam. I reckon I can’t help but worry. But I’m cheerin’ for you. Take care. –Nuzleaf