In Sootopolis City, after the end of the extreme weather event.

Finally, it’s just two of us again.
I’ve got to say…thanks for everything you’ve done for our region, Swam.
You know, I thought we were supposed to have set out from Littleroot together, but…
But you, Swam…
It seems like you just keep getting further and further ahead of me…
I even started to feel like you’d gone somewhere I can’t even reach.
It’s pretty lonely, you know?
What would you think if I really said something like that?
Hee hee!

My dear May. Do you know what I’m thinking?

I mean, everything I were able to have done, begins with our first battle near the pool of Route 103, just like you said in Lilycove. I were merely a careless boy who knew nothing about Hoenn, but you welcomed me with the most beautiful smiling face on that day, and taught me how to battle, how to creep near Poochyena. You helped me and encouraged me every time.

I never feel I’m ahead of you. When we met at Lilycove, I noticed your Pokédex was nearly completed. You must have made great efforts to achieve this, and that’s the thing I lag behind you a lot. You are my best friend, and you are never alone.

So…When our journey comes to a new chapter, I wish we get back to Littleroot together, and I want we understand everything about each other and our Pokémon and share our journey together.

And…May we be together forever.