More notes about USB-C

I recently received my Nintendo Switch, which has a USB-C port on its bottom. I did some research to pick accessories for it.

  • Nintendo Switch uses USB Power Delivery (by mentioning USB PD, I means USB PD 2.0 or later) Specification.
  • The 87W MacBook Pro power adapter can charge Nintendo Switch at fast speed (1% per one to two minutes). Wonder whether it’s 15V, 9V or 5V.
  • Multiple users confirmed that 61W/87W MacBook Pro power adapter cannot charge 12.9 inch iPad Pro speedily.
  • There are various implementation to charge USB devices at faster rate. Nexus 5X/6P uses Google’s non-standard 5V/3A implementation. Many Android phones use Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology. Apple has its own 14.5V/2A implementation only for 12.9 inch iPad Pro and 29W MacBook power adapter.
  • Nintendo Switch and MacBook Pro 2016 uses the standard USB PD. I wonder whether it’s also for MacBook 2015/2016, but MacBook is compatible with many USB PD power adapters and power banks.
  • I can’t charge Nintendo Switch from the 55W Apple USB-C to HDMI Adapter, nor can I activate TV mode with it. But I can attach a USB-A keyboard and it works.
  • However, if I connect a USB keyboard directly to Nintendo Switch with a USB-C to Mini USB cable, it doesn’t work. The operating system of Nintendo Switch might only recognize USB devices from a USB hub.
  • My choice for power bank is ZMI QB820 (ZMI is a brand within Xiaomi kingdom, in case anyone asks). It supports both USB PD and Quick Charge, and has 40W output and input. Works great with Nintendo Switch (and MacBook 2015/2016).
  • I ordered an Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C with USB Power Delivery. It will be my travel USB charger.
  • For 15 inch MacBook Pro 2016, Apple’s 87W power adapter might be the only choice. For 13 inch, most USB PD power adapter and charger with more than 45W output should be fine, but charges a bit slower if less than 61W.
  • My current 3 USB-C to USB-C cables:
    • Apple’s USB-C charging cable, up to 87W (or might be 100W) power delivery, USB 2.0 data speed
    • Belkin’s USB-C cable, up to 60W power delivery, USB 3.1 Gen 2 data speed
    • Google’s USB-C cable, up to 60W power delivery, USB 2.0 data speed
  • All of these can be used to charge Nintendo Switch, I will pick the shortest one when go anywhere with Switch.